Power Brite Car Wash, 5 Gal Pail

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Power Brite Car Wash, 5 gal pail (02 CW)

Emulsify dirt, mud, and road film with this biodegradable car wash. Safely apply Power Brite Car Wash to vehicle with your hand or brush; or run through automatic spray washing equipment. This fast dissolving, premium sudsy formula is safe for any vehicle including cars, trucks, and buses. It provides a streak-free shine.

Ideal for cleaning cars, buses, trucks, scooters, vans, and motorcycles.

Power Brite Car Wash comes in concentrated form. Concentrated formulas are an economical option for consumers because they are manufactured using fewer resources. However, care should be taken by the end-user to ensure the solution is properly mixed, thus creating a product capable of performing as described. Refer to product label for further instructions.

Phosphate free.

pH: 7.95 + 0.3
COLOR: Clear yellow viscous liquid
ODOR: Light lemon

Amounts vary according to use.

1 gal
4/1 gal case
5 gal pail
55 gal drum (add 3-5 days)

MSDS sheet available after purchase.

Model: 02 CW - 5