Delimer & Scale Remover

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Delimer & Scale Remover (06 SR)

Remove lime deposits, hard water stains, soap scum, scale, and mineral deposits with Delimer & Scale Remover. Use this product to clean metal, milk stone, and ice machines. USDA Authorized acid cleaner for use in all areas and in a variety of environments. This phosphoric acid formulation is safe on stainless steel, glass, porcelain, and nickel. Spray product or apply directly to cleaning surface with brush or cloth.

**This product is hazardous material and Personal Protective Equipment is required.**

Contains phosphoric acid; created by heating phosphonic acid, a colorless to pale-yellow deliquescent crystalline solid. Phosphonic acid is dibasic and has moderate reducing properties.

Delimer & Scale Remover is best used as a heavy-duty or restorative cleaner. Ideal for cleaning ice machines, dish machines, steam tables, glassware and nursing bottles, utensils, animal cages, pens, and laboratory glassware.

Phosphate free.

This item is classified as a Hazardous Material. Additional shipping fees will apply.

Varies according to use

pH: <1
COLOR: Clear
ODOR: Slight acrid odor

4/1 gal (case)
5 gal pail
30 gal drum (add 3-5 days)
55 gal drum (add 3-5 days)
1 pallet of 36 (qty), 4/1 gal. cases (3-5 day additional handling time)

MSDS sheet available after purchase.
Model: 06 SR