Deep Fat Fry Cleaner Powder, 25 Lbs Pail

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Deep Fat Fry Cleaner (08 DFC), 25 lbs pail

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This economic, industrial strength powder quickly removes baked on grease and grime, leaving deep fryers clean, odorless, and ready for new oil. Deep Fat Fry Cleaner contains high levels of caustic and other alkalis. PPE is required.

Deep Fat Fry Cleaner comes in concentrated powder form, and is ideal for use in deep fryers typically found in restaurants or cafeterias.

pH: 11.8 of 1% solution at 20o C
COLOR: Light yellow
ODOR: Little or none

1 (8 oz) scoop for every 2 gal

25 lbs pail

MSDS sheet available after purchase.

Model: 08 DFC