Metered Insecticide

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Metered Insecticide

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One case of 12 (qty), 7 oz cans.

Champion Sprayon Metered Insecticide Spray is a highly concentrated formula that controls flies, mosquitoes, gnats and small flying moths in a 6,000 cubic-foot area. A single can will last for 28 days when sprayed around the clock at 15-minute intervals.

• Flying metered insecticide

• Highly concentrated formula

• Effective up to 6,000 cubic feet

• Last 28 days when sprayed at 15-minute intervals

• Actives: Natural pyrethrins

• Dispensers available in 3 models

Recommended uses

Ideal for dairies, barns, canneries, breweries, manufacturing plants, restaurants, hospitals, stores, motels, schools and other public buildings.

Model: CHA 5111