MAL NP83 Clutch Plate "A"

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MAL NP83 Clutch Plate "A"

Tailored for use with General machines (pre-1987), this clutch plate connects brushes and pad holders to the floor machine. It also reduces machine wobble and operator fatigue. Attach clutch plate by matching the center hole to bottom of General machine. Then twist to tighten and secure. To loosen, start pad or brush (with connected clutch plate) in a counter-clockwise motion and quickly jerk it back in the opposite direction. Brushes and pad holders should be removed prior to storing equipment.

A floor machine is also known as a swing machine, or buffer, and should not be operated without first receiving proper training. These machines operate at 175 RPM (rotations per minute) in a counter-clockwise motion that propels the machine from side-to-side.

This product is tailored for use in theaters, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes. It is sold in individual quantities.

Center Hole Required:

1 each

Manufacturer: Malish
Model#: MAL NP83
Shipping Weight: 1lb (ea)

Model: MAL NP83