Disposable Dust Mop Head, 36" X 5", Case Of 6

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Disposable Dust Mop Head
, Natural, Case of 12

Tie-on and go with this pre-treated, disposable dust mop. Disposable Dust Mop Head utilizes a tough TYPAR mitt with a built-in, life extending end-cuff that gives you maximum usage. It also has cut ends to insure maximum dust retention. This is the most effective dusting tool at the lowest possible cost. Coat mop head with an oil-based dust mop treatment after each use, and store upside down for best results. This mop head is meant to be thrown away, though the best dust mop is an oil-treated, "dirty" looking mop head. Thus, frequent replacement is not recommended.

Disposable Dust Mop Head is sold in bulk quantities.

This dust mop is ideal for use in shipyards, warehouses, retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.

For use with universal 5" dust mop frames.

Mop sizes:
24" | 36"

Mop width:


Manufacturer: Zephyr

Model: ZEP 23536