24 X 24 - Clear High Density 8 Micron Can Liners

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24 x 24 - Clear High Density 8 micron can liners

10 Gallon 8 mic. HD (Natural)

These can liners can be used in a variety of environments including homes, office buildings, schools, restaurants, and other public buildings. Collect various types of garbage including dry, wet, heavy, food, and other forms of debris.

High Density (HD):
These can liners are puncture resistant. They are typically thinner gauges than LLD liners, but they hold an equal amount, or even more weight. They are also more temperature resistant and provide a better moisture barrier.

Ideal for collecting heavy or wet garbage.

High Density bags are measured in terms of Micron thickness.

1000 Perforated Roll (case)

Model: SQ 2424BN