X-it-OUT Vandal Mark Remover

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X-it-OUT Vandal Mark Remover'

Sold by the case of 12 (qty), 17.5 oz cans.

Remove ink, crayon, paint, and lipstick from vandalized surfaces with this aerosol cleaner. X-it-OUT Vandal Mark Remover is a fast-acting, natural citrus solvent that rinses away with soap and water, lifting pigments from the cleaning surface. Apply to cleaning surface and allow dwell time prior to wiping.

This vandalism remover contains D-Limonene and has a natural citrus fragrance.

Ideal for common graffiti targets such as walls, mirrors, and restroom partitions.

X-it-OUT Vandal Mark Remover is a non-abrasive aerosol that works as a graffiti remover. It has been premixed in exacting proportions during manufacturing, so you never have to measure or mix, or risk using a solution that's too strong to be safe or too weak to be effective. Aerosol products allow you to spray the exact amount you need, thereby minimizing waste.

Availability: 12/case (17.5 oz cans)
Manufacturer: Chase Products Co.
Model#: CHA 5149
Shipping Weight: 14.13 lbs

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Model: CHA 5149