Contact Spray Buff Compound,12 Qt Case

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Contact Spray Buff Compound (03 CT), Case of 12 qts

This spray buff will restore the shine to virtually any floor type including: resilient, terrazzo, quarry tile, slate, marble, vinyl, vinyl asbestos, asphalt, linoleum, sealed concrete, and non-glazed ceramic tile. Contact Spray Buff Compound requires the use of a floor machine, and is typically applied in sections. Floor traffic should be kept to a minimum during application, so spray product only after the area has been blocked-off or closed.

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Spray buffing is one component of a more extensive floor maintenance program that includes stripping, sealing, finishing, and maintenance procedures. This product is manufactured by Snee Chemical Company as part of their Titanium Matrix Technology (TMT) system which provides floors with balance in depth, brilliance, durability, and detergent resistance.

Ideal for use in office buildings, hospitals, schools, homes, public buildings, hotels, theaters, shipyards, and retail locations.

Phosphate free.

12/1 qt (case)

Manufacturer: Snee Chemical Company
Model#: 03 CT
Shipping Weight: 35lbs (12 qts)

Model: 03 CT